Wednesday, May 6, 2015


I present to you the completed animated short -- Shèngkāi!

Shèngkāi means to bloom.

Tai, who lives with an abusive father, learns the value of kindness and friendship during an encounter with his back-door-neighbor, Aimee.

Directed & Animated by Rachael Birky
Music Composition by Tim Cooke
Special Thanks to Professor Corrie Parks, My Friends and Family

This is my independent study project -- a true challenge for just a semester!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Rough Cut 01

Finished the last scene today; here is the rough cut, without music or sound.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Just one short insert scene left...then to sound!


Buckled down and finished the painting/shadow/bottle for this scene

Final Renders

I have not been updating much on this blog, since I haven't consistently used one service for uploading renders. Sometimes I've used Vimeo, sometimes Youtube (for easy integration), and I've even tried uploading directly to Blogger. I think I will upload everything to Youtube for easy embedding.

Here are the renders I have so far -- just one scene left and I'm halfway through it. Tonight I will complete it 75% (hopefully), finish it tomorrow, then work on sound/music!

I edited the camera work for this scene to decrease the awkward framing at the beginning.

The last scene!

Didn't realize how difficult it can be to draw the human figure when most of it is off screen!

Tackled this scene early since it's short and sweet.

Introducing Aimee! I struggled with keeping her on model sometimes....

Had a lot of fun with weight in this scene!

Also a rather simple scene; went back and extended the overlapping action some.

Added a beat to the end to clarify Tai's reaction.

Tai's reaction; also cleaned up the flower.

I waiting on this scene; really didn't want to polish it for some reason, but got it done!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Test Shot (S2P7T3)

Yeahhhh! I spent 14 hours yesterday and 6 hours today to complete this (video has since been removed/updated).  I love this scene.  This is my first scene to be animated, and my first attempt doing any kind of animation like this: new medium, new software, new technique.  Sighh. But it's done!  There will probably be edits and suggestions, but I will have to start a new scene next week...which would be tomorrow haha!

Friday, January 30, 2015


It took four hours, but I completed the rest of the backgrounds.  Actually, I will be adding a close up of Tai repairing the flower, so there will probably be one more to to, but I have yet to plan the composition of that shot.